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Unstable Rengades

Mission Statement

Welcome To eSports Unstable Rengades. We are a community of fast growing. Everyone is welcome.
Our ranks go from Recruit to Master Recruit is the score from 0-40 so we have ranks for everyone. If you get to master you have the optionto do the special tryout for Major that will guaranty to play on tournaments every time if ur able to play that day. Good luck and hope to see you tryout!



14th Jul 2019 - 11:59am

Hi can i do a tryout. Ive played since season 4 and play often now. My stats may not seem the best but i am good. My epic is alex_benjy11  

if it doesn't work try Raving Hound

my email is [email protected]



1st May 2019 - 8:35pm

Hey I’m a fortnite player with 750 wins your clan sounds good would like to join when do u have tryouts 


26th Apr 2019 - 3:14am

Hey dude, I'm a pro-European player and I'm looking to join a clan. My stats might not be the best but I'm joining the clan consists of 1v1 tryouts I will eat in those :P