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Triple Tap Gaming [US][UK] clan

Mission Statement

Hi all we are fast growing clan that playes multiple games. we love gaming we are chill people that wanna meet more chill people.If this sounds like you then check us out 


Destiny 2(This is the game the clan started on countinue to play we love Destiny2 and probily will play for a long time)

Monster Hunter World(at the time of this being wrote hasnt came out yet but we will be playing the hell out of as well)

Divison2( another game that we are gonna play just isnt out yet we loved the first one and still play time to time)

World Of Warcraft(The king of mmos ofcorse we play it and we do everything that is current for the game)

Anthem(ether your pumped about it or your not i am ofcorse we love shoot and loots) 

There are other games we all play aswell just not as much as these ones i have listed feel free to ask if your game is not on here 


Ok heres the part were i have to put what we want from you aswell as any other cocerns that might need to put on paper 

#1 We are a 18 Plus clan if your not eighteen im sorry that you can not join we get very dirty in are discord and i dont want someones mom yelling at me cuz her lil billy said somthing bad

#2 You must use discord its not that bad of thing in this time in age it helps us scedule raids and other cool stuff aswell as good communication and who knows might really love the Community
DISCORD LINK HERE--------------> 
#3 No racism and bad attitudes basically dont be a douche and we will get along just fine 

#4 we are a full PC Community nothing against the console players we are all just pc gamers and would like to keep it that way

feel free to come in our discord and ask questions msg are mods/admins/founders they are chill people that dont see problems only sulutions thats it hope to see you all there 
thank you for checking are page out


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15th Jul 2018 - 10:21am

Hello, I recently got back into Destiny 2 and am looking for a group to run with. Are you still accepting new member?

I am not very experienced in PvE raids and such as I have never had a group before.

I do have some experience with PvP and solo PvE.


11th Jun 2018 - 5:15pm

Are you guys still accepting new members?  I've gotten back in to Destiny in the last month and really would like some people to run with...


1st Jun 2018 - 8:22pm

Blizzard ID: rockox2003#1306

I am currently 335 Titan, 334 Hunter and 334 Warlock. I am looking for a casual clan to do heroic strike, nightfall, etc. I just got warmind DLC so i will be leveling up more in the coming future.

I would love to join your clan. Kindly send me an invite


1st Jun 2018 - 10:33am

I am a 307 warlock and climbing, Im looking for a chill clan to do some raids and other stuff with time to time. I use discord alot so voice chat isnt an issue


30th May 2018 - 9:55pm

GodOfNekos#2365 I am at 227 currently and still pushing higher, I played destiny 1 on Xbox and did everything it had to offer, I'd love to join and play some nightfalls with people and other events. Would I be able to join? I am UK based