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Transversal Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to Transversal Gaming community. Our clan is solely based around being sociable and having fun. 

This clan is worlwide and open to all regions. No matter age, skill level, or region, you are welcome here.

Our newly booted clan is looking for members, so we would love to have you on the team.


If you would like to apply for our team, go to our discord server for more information.



#1 - Do not spam / chatflood within any chatroom and voice channel. - Warn, Mute

#2 - Do not excessively swear / mention NSFW in any chatroom and voice channel. - Warn, Mute

#3 - Post content in the correct channels. - Warn

#4 - Do not attempt to evade / loophole punishment if you break any of these rules. - Kick

#5 - Do not act immature / rude towards anyone, including staff. - Warn, Mute, Kick

#6 - Do not discriminate! - Warn, Mute

#7 - Act civil in chatrooms and Voice Chats - Warn, Mute

#8 - Mentioning everyone, the Moderators or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited. - Warn

#9 - No toxicity - Warn, Mute, Kick

#10 - No harassment in any manner - Mute, Kick, Ban

#11 - No member can be in two clans at once. If you are caught, you will be terminated immediately with no warning.

#12 - You can be terminated / removed from your position(s) as a player by a Moderator+ at anytime for breaking rules, or being toxic, or no intent to help / join / play for Transversal

#13 - Not all rules are listed, use your common sense

DM advertising is instant kick.


3 warns = mute (1h)

3 mutes = kick

2 kicks = perm ban

Note: Depending on content of message & reason of warn/mute, some steps might be skipped.




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