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Mission Statement

Tr1ple clan is a casual gaming clan and we allow all platforms. We mainly play fortnite, but some of us play other games like rust, csgo, sea of thieves, minecraft, and rainbow six siege. We are none toxic a fun community to join. We also have level rewards on discord so make sure to stay active and have fun!


we also host events for everybody to participate in.

  • boxfight tournements 
  • zonewars tournements
  • scrims
  • minigames
  • giveaways


Anyone can join Tr1ple without a tryout all you need to do is join the discord. We also have a comp team you can do a tryout to join.


Clan Upvotes



8th Jan 2020 - 2:29pm

yo i wanna join but i aint got  discord on ym computer. could you snap me info. email me if you want it. i have like 200 wins and play on pc