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Top Tier Trash Guardians

Mission Statement

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Hi, You must be wondering, "Is this the clan for me?" - "Am I Top Tier Trash Material?" - "Did my mother have morning sickness after I was born?"
Those are all valid questions because I'm here to tell you that over 70% of the Guardians don't know their trash level. You can ask Lord Shaxx he will tell you, not everyone deserves Luna's Howl.
In Top Tier Trash Guardians, we have over 600 players and 8 branches! And 97% active players rating (According To 2018 TTTg yEeEt Bot) That's more active than your mother's sex life! (just kidding!) We don't have any particular rules; just don't post your nudes on discord. Speaking of discord, here's the link :)

(This Sales Pitch is Patented under the Guardian Law Sec. T1T1Trash of Travelers Policy Discretion. Any copyright infringement will become subject to disciplinary action under Private Match Policy 1v1-LShxx. For more details join TopTierTrashGuardiansII or TopTierTrashGuardiansIII or TopTierTrashGuardiansIV or TopTierTrashGuardiansV or TopTierTrashGuardiansVI or TopTierTrashGuardiansVII or TopTierTrashGuardiansVIII.)


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansI (100 Members) PS4

Founder: shahgrac3


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansII (100 Members) PS4

Founder: Reever


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansIII (97 Members) PS4

Founder: Edytking95


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansIV (93 Members) PS4

Founder: PsychoNebula


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansV (94 Members) PC

Founder: sauceonside


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansVI (96 Members) PC

Founder: HappyCheerio


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansVII (96 Members) PC

Founder: TheV


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansVII (35 Members) PS4

Founder: Shahz774


Our Streamers:

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>>> ****zekkouga****:

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>>> ****Spaceotic****:

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>>> ****The Bearded Tradesmann****

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We have Admins all around the globe such as: Canada, UK, EU, AUS, NZ and of course US of A

Drop a message here and we will respond back asap :)


Top Tier Trash Guardians




16th Jun 2019 - 9:17am

Hi, I just registered. Im level 30 and +/- 300 power, so Im reasonably new. I also go to school so I wont be able to do weekly raids or stuff like that. I also just joined discord. My PC Battle tag is GetZapped#2120


24th May 2019 - 12:01am

Pc gamer tag Shotbusta#1793

Just another fellow crusty D1 and D2 player that just switched to PC and in serious need of inappropriate banter, endgame content and a clan thats is about that life like the old days. Stopped playing no too long after forsaken but definitely a veteran to the destiny franchise that's doesn't mind helping others, grinding, getting filthy in crucible any raid. 


25th Apr 2019 - 7:18am

Just applied. DamnImCold#1923 

I am new to PC but have been playing D2 since launch PSN:  Xx_TexanFan_xX


I love to Raid, on PS4 about 300 combined completions, also unbroken, cursebreaker, and dregend titles. Just got started on PC a couple days ago and I am looking for an active clan. I registered on discord and also requested to join on clan app. 




1st Mar 2019 - 12:55am

Hey guys! I am a PS4 Destiny player and my clan broke up right before Black Armory and I've called it quits since then. We were together since D1 launch and I was active (10 hours or more a week) from D1 vanilla launch until around Last Wish dropped. I'm looking to go back hardcore at it again with Jokers Wild launch next week and am looking for a new endgame clan that's very active to be a part of. I am mainly a PvE player, but will dabble in PvP if it feels right. 

My PS4 name is dwakim.


20th Feb 2019 - 9:41am


I am Destiny 2 PC player that looks for friendly active clan to do some raiding and other team stuff.

I am playing as 650 Warlock, mostly in Stormcaller Control, Voidwalker Devour and Dawnblade Radiance.

My battle

tag is PugOfWar #21353


Hope to be hearing from you soon :)


19th Feb 2019 - 9:05pm

Hey there. Very active player looking for a chill clan to learn raids with and run the gambit and the like. Always fancied myself some pretty top tier trash so this seems like a good fit. Playing on PS4. 


15th Feb 2019 - 12:18am

I just started with the free destiny and wanted to get in a clan if you have some place.

On pc and my tag is Thornit#1711


7th Feb 2019 - 6:40pm

Hey guys, been playing Destiny since it went free on PC back in November and I really love playing it. Looking for a clan that is actually active and this one caught my eye. Mainly looking for a team to learn and do raids with


8th Feb 2019 - 2:57pm

Hi MoNK3YBOI999! i think you're already part of the clan.. sorry i'm seeing this a day late but hey its better than a month late and find out you're pregnant because you had sex with your 1st cousin right? lol

Good to have you brother :)


6th Feb 2019 - 1:40am

what's up gamers


I'm a fairly newer Destiny 2 player on PC and would love to be a part of the clan. I'm not near endgame content yet, but I'm on my way.


would be stoked to be a part of ya'll


5th Feb 2019 - 10:25pm

Hello. I am a PS4 player looking for a clan to play with. My name on PS4 is Kitsuneconreppy. Thanks for the help in advance.


5th Feb 2019 - 10:07am

Hey i play on pc (LuckyOwl#27219) and im pretty trash at almost everything except shooting, I only have 531 power right now but im trying my best to get better and more powerfull and am searching for a clan so i think id fit right in :)



31st Jan 2019 - 4:01pm

Hey, after a small hiatus from Destiny after Curse of Osiris i'm back playing Destiny again, and i've hit light level 600 and looking for a clan to do activities with now :). I'm on PC, gamertag is Piratosh#2664


28th Jan 2019 - 4:22pm

Hey man, been playing since D1 Beta but all my friends played everything apart from Destiny lmao. I play on PC, battletag and name is #2107Spode


25th Jan 2019 - 10:08pm

Hey guys, I am looking for a fun clan that is active. I've played pretty much every major game ever, and even though I'm an adult now with a family and job I play most weeknights and weekends. I'm into all of the content and like to spend hours on end hanging out and crushing some D2. Please send invite to Whiteness12 on ps4. 


25th Jan 2019 - 7:11pm

ey guys


Just hit 575 and ready to rumble with some end game content.

Inv please?:)