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Top Tier Trash Guardians

Mission Statement

Are you happy in your clan? Does your clan give you the attention and respect that you deserve? Well today is your lucky day if your clan is not active and they do not treat you special because!.. because because because~~ in Top Tier Trash Guardians! We assure you the respect, the love and the attention that YOU deserve! Sign up now and we will give you one FREE recognition pass in the clan for the WHOLE year! But wait! There's more! You don't have to be 300 light or 575 light.. just be you.. Its Top Tier Trash Guardians (TTTg), We are not just trash, We are Top Tier Trash!

(This Sales Pitch is Patented under the Guardian Law Sec. T1T1Trash of Travelers Policy Discretion. Any copyright infringement will become subject to disciplinary action under Private Match Policy 1v1-LShxx. For more details join TopTierTrashGuardiansIII.)


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansI (98 Members and Currently Recruiting =))

Founder: Shahz774 (PS4) - 10/09/18


Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansII (100 Members)

Founder: Reeverser021



Clan: TopTierTrashGuardiansIII (91 Members Currently and Actively Growing!)

Founder: Psychonebula

Here is our Discord Channel where everything regarding the game is discussed.

We have Admins all around the globe (except Asia because.. you know.. Commi-Asians and.. ISIS).. such as: Canada, UK, EU, AUS, NZ and of course US of A

Drop a message here and we will respond back asap :)


Top Tier Trash Guardians