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Too Many Outlaws (XB1- EU/UK)

Mission Statement

We are a very social and active Xbox clan looking to recruit members who will help us to grow and achieve.We do weekly raids, trials, nightfalls, and PVP for your weekly milestones! Clan members play together in groups constantly while being run and managed in DISCORD. There are weekly clan activity checks to make sure that our roster is full of active and welcoming members. Willing to help NEW players to destiny, and help carry you second characters!

Experienced members who left their previous clan to build a new and prosperous clan that can help new members and experienced alike. 

Season 1: level 6
Season 2: N/A

The requirements are as follows
-age 17+
-270 light
-must own and use a mic
-must join us on discord and be social
-speak English (even if it's very little)

Please request invite through this website -

Or message us direct -- Bluturtles94 or FortunaRedux ---- on Xbox



Hi, I'm a 35 male in the UK. 277 Hunter looking to join a clan to do raids and strikes with. I can't always use my mic though as have a kid at home. Thanks


Hi please can I get an invite to join? 


I currently have 2 characters just about to tip 300 and a third I just started. I use a mic, speak english and am happy to chat on discord.


Just really looking for an active clan to do nightfall, raids and pvp with.