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Mission Statement


The Scout Regiment 


Our guild, alliance, company was created in the days of Knight Online (around 2003 / 2004). A full archer alliance, an alliance which in turn protected our castles / bases / spawn areas from 11 other guilds whilst our allies regrouped. One of us, against 11 sheep. Talent, vs numbers. 

We progressed onto AirRivals, the EU version of Aceonline. Here we established 3 guilds. 6 years of battles day in, day out, progress earned, lost, success, losses, diplomacy of the highest order. I still yearn for those days. We eventually abandoned the game due to lack of development.

Our progress stopped until WoW BC. I failed my degree because of this game, tells you how much i focused on our guild and the game. Not much more to say there. Top 10 in 2v2 with a dwarven hunter. We had a top 10 Priest and a top 10 Rogue / Warrior combo in our guild. 

Our road lead onto Guild Wars 2. 100 members. The second strongest force on our server. 1v2 90% of the time and we came out on top (50 vs 100). We had x5 top 100 EU ranked players and x10 top EU Fractals players. Economy was never an issue, but the wars were. Sleepless nights, the sounds of swords splitting skulls, the echoing cries of the battlefield, it was a bloodbath.... and so i open with this...

We are a group of highly motivated, but chilled players.

We welcome people from all walks of life, but ask that you are over the age of 20 when you join :)

Our History:

- Thought up from the days of Knight Online

- Formed on AirRivals

- Further developed on WoW BC - Cata

- Mastered on GW2


Our Ethos:

• Respectful

• Positive mindset

• Active In / out of the game

• Fun! A company / guild shouldn’t bore you!

• Willingness to assist any member at any given moment

• Willingness to adapt to meet criteria for PVP mechanics / tactics.


Our focus:

- Controlling one or more areas constantly

- Company vs Company siege and open world PVP

- Fast character level progression

- Fast crafting progression

- Economy domination

- Developing / testing new PVP Tactics and mechanics

- Domination. Nothing more, nothing less. Absolute domination.


What we do:

• Daily gathering / harvesting runs

• Daily PVP / PVE group runs

• Open world PVP

• Conquer lands

• We may even have a bard that sings for you!

Quality is greater than Quantity.

You're either a number in other companies, or a core member in ours.

We MUST stress, we only seek to keep 50 - 100 members at any given time within our company.

We are a family orientated company, and we’ll cut you to pieces should you tread on our toes.


What we ask of you:

1. You're happy to use voice chat

2. You're a team player

3. You have fun – These are online games! Have fun! Have a laugh!

See you inside :P



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