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Mission Statement

Team ZILLA is an aspiring eSports team. Bionic is both a casual and competitive team with a well designed discord and a structured yet fun community. Instead of the traditional "You're in, You're out" clan system, we focus on our players unique skills and abilities. There are 5 ranks you can earn from trying out (Cracked, Master, Elite, Semi-Elite, and Casual); Cracked being highest; Casual being lowest. We have plenty of moderators in our chat to keep toxic players out. We do however, require you to be an active member of the team discord in order to stay in the clan.

How To Join:

  1. Join the discord
  2.  We will message you as soon as we can (usually within 4 hours



We focus on being a community where pro, average, and newer players can come together to do things such as scrims and tournaments. We host daily customs as well. Along with that we offer a lot of cool ranks and also have graphic designers & editors. We hope to grow large enough to eventually become an org. We require all of our members to be active on the discord and contribute to the clan's future.

These are the ranks we offer in Team ZILLA:


Staff: Trial Staff, Enforcer, Moderator, and Admin

Scrim Team: Playing Competatively For The Team

Fortnite Ranks: Casual, Semi-Elite, Elite, Master, Cracked, Pro, and eSports Team

Special Ranks: Graphic Designer, Editor, Streamer, Content Creator, and Representer


What We Offer:

  • A fun & helpful community to grow your name
  • Daily Customs
  • Weekly Ranked Customs (full leaderboard and ranks in Discord & website)
  • Random Events hosted by our many dedicated event hosts
  • Fun bots *to be used in the appropriate channels*
  • Free coaching to the lower ranks
  • Weekly purges to ensure the community stays active
  • Worldwide Members
  • Apparel & Sponsers coming soon

ZILLA is a great place to meet new friends and grow your gaming career; we can't wait to see you!



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