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Team VLT

Mission Statement

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Welcome to the Team VLT community!

Our community was founded in 2020 and are looking for new members who want to join a gaming family. We are a very small community but we are looking to keep growing bigger and bigger. There are no applications required to join. No tryouts, nor minimum playtime requirements, as we understand that our diversity is very wide.

We are a community that plays a small range of games across mainly pc games but we do support consoles.

We are looking to create Teams for Rocket League and Valorant. We are also looking for Content Creators to support our Team and aim to build a community with no toxicity and a place people can call home.

Our goal is to have an established gaming community that will be able to cater to the needs of competitive players and casual players alike looking for an amazing time, great memories, and a place to call home. You will always have other players to game with, we strive to make sure everyone feels that they are apart of this family. Nobody gets left behind.

We are a casual clan and competitive clan and hope in the near future that we are a well known clan.

Enjoy your stay with the Team VLT community! 






12th Jan 2021 - 7:04pm

hi I will like to tryout for your clan is it possible if I am 11 years old?