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Team Vesta

Mission Statement

Team Vesta is a growing competitive Fortnite clan that aspires to not only become successful but also to help players make a successful entry into the world of competitive Fortnite by getting some earnings on their name off of the tournament system we use.


What we expect of you:

  • Casual Players
    • You are 12+  
    • A friendly attitude
    • A high level of maturity
  • Competitive players:
    • You are 13+ (exceptions may be negotiable)
    • Have a competitive spirit
      • Have strong leadership and teamwork qualities

What you will get in return

  • Casual players
    • Hard-working and kind staff to make your experience in Vesta as positive as possible
    • Life-long friends to talk to and hang out with
    • Many casual activities on the clan discord
      • Server currency
      • A custom Vesta discord bot
      • Music to jam out to with clanmates
  • Competitive Players:
    • Competitive players to practice and partner with for tournaments
    • Frequent solo and duo tournaments for 100-500 dollars in prize pool (both winner takes all and distributed tournaments)
      • Team Vesta will not take any of your earnings unless you desire us to have it
        • (subject to change. If you join now, you will permanently apply to the original rule)


We look forward to having you here at Team Vesta. We do hope you will join us!