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Team Versity

Mission Statement

Team Versity

We are Team Versity. (VST) 



We are a newly established team with huge potential that's growing daily! At Team Versity we love competitive play! We have high ambitions to grow our name but most importantly our player's names and careers. We aim to be a highly recognized and respected eSports team in the near future. Please do not hesitate to become part of the movement today.

We are looking for strong players to join our worldwide region rosters all of which are strong and looking for new applicants every day! Hopefully, you could bring the skill we need to our non-toxic community and friends who work hard to get us closer to the eSports dream. All of our players are dedicated and active and believe that Aqua will be the next big thing in the near future and we hope you have faith in us too. If you're looking for a friendly team with active members and caring staff members then join Team Versity today! We'd love to have you on board.

We Have Competitive Teams For The Following Games: 

  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant

You May Be Asking, What Do We Offer Here At Team Versity? Well, We Offer:
 A Great Community, Possible Future Contracts,YouTube Subscribers, Twitter Followers, 900 Discord Members, Various Sponsors, Free GFX’s For Your Socials, Multiple Ways To Self-Promote, Level 3 Perks In The Team Versity Discord AND MUCH MORE!



     1. Click The 'Discord' Tab Above

     2. Read The Information Shown In #┃guidelines Upon When You Join 

     3. Grab yourself some FREE roles In # | roles

     4. BOOM, You're Now In The BEST Gaming Community Out There!


Thank You For Taking Your Time Reading This, And We Hope You Have A Great Rest Or Your Day / Night.