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Team Unseen

Mission Statement



Welcome to Team Unseen! We are a gaming clan based around Minecraft Competitive, but we also have Fortnite Competitive and more. The best thing about this clan is that: You don't need to tryout for the clan! (Except for Competitive!) But you can join the clan without tryouting, or anything! We also are building an awesome community! With great staff! 

Social Media:

  •  Instagram: @teamunseen.ggPoop
  •  Youtube: Team Unseen


These are the games we support competitivly:

  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • COD


And hey! If you want a really cool and pretty active community then come over here! We are a non toxic clan! We treat our members with nothing but respect!


This clan was inspired and made in legacy of Team Impulse, one of the best former clans on LFC.


Our sponsors!


Rouge Energy is the best energy drink company! Use our code to get 10% off your purchase: TeamUnseen



Chairs4Gaming is the best website for buying chairs! Make sure to use code TeamUnseen while purchasing


We have 6 Boosts!


WE HAVE MERCH! You can find examples in our server :D





Gamer Manny

14th Sep 2020 - 5:02pm

Hello i don't need to type u can read my profile but i am a fortnite minecraft roblox valorant player etc 

I would love to join Team Unseen my name would be Unseen Manny

Stay safe  #GoodVibes/Positive Vibes

N hope u accept me