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Team Trickshotz

Mission Statement

Hey, Dear person looking at this.

Welcome to our "Family Friendly" Clan

We are a HUGE community through gaming

The main game we play is Fortnite

------Rules to join clan----

Change Discord nickname to TT_ and then your name


Discord channel:

Hope you enjoy your stay

Here are our forums :






17th Sep 2018 - 11:26pm

Hi I was interested in joining this clan, I have 15 wins, 10 solo 2 duo 3 squads. I have 1411 kills currently. My IGN is Br0teinShake. Is there a try out?     (The o is a Zero*)




28th Jul 2018 - 5:16pm

hello there, 

im really looking for a clan with decent players and not a clan with like 2000 players so this sounds really great to me.. only problem is the link u gave for discord isnt working for me so  please add me on discord MARTADOSSS#8718 or add me in game at RiDeXCy-  (dont forget the -)  hope to speak you soon :)