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Team SLD

Mission Statement

Hello everyone, 

Team SLD is a brand new clan based on Fortnite, and for casual and competitive players. We are a clan that provides for all regions and will try and give you the best qualities that you expect from a clan. Make sure to join and check us out, maybe even go for a tryout so here is our discord:


Our Rules are as follow: 


1. Please for the love of god don't harass anyone at all

2. Swearing is 100% ALLOWED

3. Do not send any inappropriate links, pictures, etc

4. SAVE OUR EARS, please don't ear rape voice channels, unless given consent to rape... I mean ear rape ;)

5. Respect everyone and treat everyone equal, yes even YOU should be treated fairly

6. NEVER hide out on complaints or suggestions, We are open to all!

7. ONLY Self promote in Advertisement SECTION (If promo anywhere else you will immediately get kicked)

8. DM's to me (the leader) are always allowed, never hold back... as for the other staff members it is up to them to allow or not.

9. DON'T put the clan name "SLD" in your name until you are actually accepted... BUT, everyone is more than likely accepted, just make sure you get permission from a tryout helper, major, or the leader.


Any further questions either join the discord and message any moderators or directly message the leader, SLD Elbelli. SLD Elbelli#5766