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Team Shxrd

Mission Statement

Team Shxrd is an all-platform all-game clan. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive gaming environment where people can have fun and play competitively in the same clan. You don't have to change your username to join, and we accept players of all skill ranges. Must be UNDER the age of 17 to join. We are in desperate need of active members. PLEASE JOIN!

Team Shxrd

  • Welcome to Team Shxrd! We are a non-toxic gaming community.
  • We are a fun team to talk to, play games with, and make friends!
  • We recently transferred to a new server, so if there is anything wrong let us know.
  • You need to be active on the Discord Server!
  • If you join the server, you are going to get pinged a lot. Don't complain about it.
  • You have to be age 12 or older to join Team Shxrd!
  • You also have to be under the age of 18 to join.
  • To play competitively, you must provide a video as proof of skill.
  • We accept players from NAE, NAW, OCE, and EU.
  • Do you think Team Shxrd is the right clan for you? If so, please comment on a YouTube video or join the server!
  • We are an all game clan. If a game isn't featured in the server, tell us if you want it to be.
  • If you are good at a game and want to start team for that game, prove that you are good at the game and we may let you start a team for it within Team Shxrd!
  • If you aren't good at any games, just become a community member. The community helps us in more ways than you think.
  • Please join and be active in the chat!


  • We do not accept toxicity! Toxic members will be kicked immediately. 
  • Anyone age 13+ is allowed! 
  • Don't be that person that joins the server and then leaves immediately. 
  • Be active in the server. You may be kicked if you are inactive. 
  • Do not break any local laws or server rules! 
  • Don't trash talk bad players. 


  • The Legacy Team comprises of the best players on the team
  • Represents Shxrd in clan wars & tournaments
  • You must be an active member
  • You must go through special tryouts, so you have to be good!
  • Think you are good enough? Join the server, DM S5 Antzz, and ask to join!

How do I join Shxrd?

  • Comment on a YouTube video
  • Join the Discord Server by clicking JOIN above
  • Make an RC video with #ShxrdRC

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