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Team Savani

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Savani. We're a new organization run by people with a ton of experience in the competitive scene and we're trying to build a foundation to become one of the biggest organizations in history! We are currently competing in scrims/tournaments and have been trying to enter bigger tournaments.

At the moment we're on the lookout for...

- Competitive Players (Really talented players who can compete in scrims/tournaments and for future eSports)
- Content Creators (One of our biggest needs. We're looking for content creators with at least 500 subs or followers on YouTube/Twitch)
- Editors (Able to edit amazing montages and YouTube/Instagram videos)
- Designers (Can design good thumbnails or social posts)
- Managers (Experience in managing teams and people with a good amount of spare time)
- Any other talents or skill you can bring us!

This is a growing eSports team & family that is headed towards the road of becoming a big eSports organization! We offer a great stay and huge opportunities for scrims and tournaments. We offer other great people to make content with and help grow your community out even further. Creating a great opportunity to work with some great Editors and Designers! We also present a great opportunity to play with some big dogs and complete the dream of competing in major tournaments and events!

If you are interested in joining, please check out our Discord --> { } for more information. Once you are verified, read through the channels and you will find our applications. Spots on this team are limited so make sure to be different and stand out from the crowd. You're only allowed to apply once!