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Team RyZe

Mission Statement

Hey, we are Team RyZe, a competitive and casual Fortnite/COD team.

We are looking for people who play in the NA and EU region,.and play on PC, PS4, XBOX, NINTENDO SWITCH, and MOBILE.

We are also looking editors/GFX maker.

Please join our discord server: and first read the rules (#rules) before going to apply (#apply).

When you are ready to apply, please fill out this survey:

1. What platform do you play on?

2. How old are you (Be honest)

3. Why do you want to join?

4. Do you have any clips, a montage or YouTube videos of you playing?

5. What games do you play?

6. What do you want to be in the clan? Eg. Pro player/editor.

7. What are your Fortnite/COD stats

We hope that you will join our clan, and we thank you for having time to read this.






1st Apr 2020 - 5:10pm

-so i can become a more serious player
-since i play on xbox you could look at my profile(MYSTICLEGNDS) and there are clips there
-i could be a server mod or a semi pro
-idk my stats off the top of my head but im in contender league div 6 in arena

RyZe Kawaii

11th Oct 2019 - 6:49pm

I play on xbox one am 14 I mostly want to join because I have always wanted to compete in big leagues for fortnite no I dont have any clips I play Fortnite pro player is what I wanna be and My fortnite stats from all my acc are 274 for playstation acc and 40 from my xbox acc 


Thank you for reading hope u accept me BTW discord link expired