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Team RedRaze

Mission Statement

Hello! We are Team RedRaze (TRR). We are an exclusive fortnite clan looking for new members. We are highly active and offer In-Clan tournaments such as: Squad 2v2 tournaments. Friday fortnite games. And tournaments every Wednesday. To submit an application for our clan, join our discord and go to #how-to-join. You will find info on how to submit your application their. We only let in 2 people each week since we get 20 ish applications each week. There are 3 ways you can be apart of TRR. 1. A Comp member. 2. A streamer. 3. Content creator/editor. At the moment, we are only sponsored by Cinch gaming and our owner is personally sponsored by Raze Energy. We provide streamers with TRR Overlays. Thank you for choosing Team RedRaze!!!!