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Team PrecisionXGaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team PrecisionXGaming. Show Some Love On Our Montages

Team PrecisionXGaming is a new and fast-growing eSports team powered by Opseat & Rogue Energy. We are looking to recruit players of age 13+. Team PrecisonXGaming is a competitive team with a high eSports scene. We also host different events & games for the community and roster! We require you to be an active member of our community Discord server, even if you are not playing any of the games available.


A Summary of the Team
Team PresicionXGaming is a clan that looks for players who are highly skilled.
Can stream, post videos, plays on NAE, NAW, And EU servers, and who are generally chill. We have low tolerance for dummy toxic or salty players if you can handle not being toxic nor salty. In order to get in this clan you have to tryout or make a Montage/RC, the montage does not need to be FaZe material. We do this to see commitment, willingness, and a way for us to help you, help us.


Staff --> {Trial Staff, Helper, Junior Moderator, Moderator, Senior Moderator, Admin}

Roster Team --> {Fortnite, Apex Legends & Overwatch}

Social Media --> {Streamers, Content Creators, Designer & VFX}

Management --> { eSports Managers & Event Managers}

We also offer a range of fun and exciting roles in our Discord server for achieving certain things. 




YouTube --> { }

Instagram --> {  }

Discord --> {}

Website --> {  }




Clan Upvotes


Jager X

20th Aug 2019 - 7:44am

hi my name is yegor age 17, i've been looking for a clan to join/ try out for, i'm an xbox user who plays xbox one, my gamer tag is kkovaldin please message me on both email and on my xbox gamer tag.


20th Aug 2019 - 2:17am

Hi, I am from xd clan but I left a while back. I am 11 but i am mature and not toxic. My epic name is TTV xd Jørdan. I play on Xbox One,PS4 and PC. DM me on Discord if I am able to join. Thanks. My Discord is YahBøyJørdan___#2573


13th Aug 2019 - 8:55am

Hi, my name is Riley and I am a pretty decent fortnite player I saw this clan and it seemed to me that it was a warm and welcoming clan, I am a younger player (I am 12) but I’m pretty mature for my age and I’m not toxic I can get mad tho but I can control it, thanks for reading I hope I meet expectations! My epic is IcedShadowGalaxy by the way


29th Jul 2019 - 1:53pm

Hello, My name is parris and im 16 from England just looking for a nice new clan to join i saw this as a big oppotunity to make some improvments on my skills and those i play with i love playing ranked apex im not toxic i love my team not matter the cost and i can help someone if they fail rather than having a go at them, thank you for reading, i play on PC everyday, i hope you accept my Request


27th Jul 2019 - 9:17pm

Hello, i would love to join. I wanna go comp... YES YES. I'm not toxic i hate that, my Epic is ProShawry, I'm 16 and from Wales. (PC)


23rd Jul 2019 - 11:53am

Hi! I would like to apply to be an Overwatch player for the team, I have much experience on Overwatch, I play on a smurf account now but my old one was 200+, I love making montages which I could do under the name of PXG... I am entertaining and I am not toxic what so ever. I have been in a few clans which was full of toxicity which I just got frustrated by so I think this clan is not at all like any other I've been on. I promise I will grind games and montages, if you accept me and I break that, get rid of me because I know I will keep it. Thanks for reading!


27th Jul 2019 - 7:33am

Hi I would very much like to be a Fortnite player in your clan. You and your community seem very nice and welcoming. I’m a alright player but I would put the hard effort in. I’m a very active player and I’m definitely not toxic. I just dislike toxic people because that isn’t who i am. Plz except me because it will mean the world to me. 

Thx for reading 

Defaulty Electric

23rd Jul 2019 - 5:21am

Hello! Im interested in joining your team! I do youtube and twitch, My YT is Defaulty Electric! Hit me up. I am a younger player (im 12). But i am mature for my age dont worry. Im also not a toxic player.


15th Jul 2019 - 1:02am

I would like to join your clan for fortnite and it looks like your team is having a good start I would like to join your discord but it’s expired


Mr Aspect

30th Jun 2019 - 3:02pm

I would love to join your clan and become a part of this seeming wonderful community. (The Discord link has expired)