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team pixl

Mission Statement

1. Be respectful to other players! 2. Toxicity will not be tolerated, we are a friendly clan! 3. No raiding other clans! 4. No posting montages or self promoting in the general chat unless permission from @PiXL_Unicorn 5. Don't fake being in PiXL! You only have it in your name if you have had a tryout and made the team! 6. Respect the decisions made from the higher ranks! 7. If there is a large disagreement on anything in the clan the @Leader @Co leader @Sr officer @Officers @Jr. Officer will have a legitimate discussion on the topic for a new one to be made! 8. We will respect other clans! If they raid or come in our chat and be toxic it will take 2 clicks to have them be banned from the server! 9. If you're asking for a trial please use our command "How do I tryout?" 10. If you're asking to be a recruiter please use our command "How do I become a recruiter?" 11. To report someone please use our command "-report @theirusername reason" 12. Again be Respectful!!!!!!