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Team PhaSe - Looking for players!

Mission Statement

Hey, Welcome to PhaSe. We're looking for members for:



We have roles for competitive teams and forms to fill out if you would like to join those teams. All is explained on our discord ( Just bear in mind to join our competitive teams you must be at least 13 years of age. 

Feel free to DM myself, (Hyenite#6808 - System Manager) or our founder (Phase | Tacent#4429). I'm not going to be writing any cringeworthy bs like, "we are an aspiring clan to grow to major league", yes major league would be nice. But we want to focus on building our community, along with that we aren't huge fans of toxicity. 

If you want to join our community, press the join button above, if not, don't press the join button :)

Hope you have a good day if you have read this much!!!