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Team Oniisan

Mission Statement


About Team Oniisan: •
We Are An Upcoming Professional Fortnite, Valorant, And Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team •
Our Recruitment Is Very Tough And Selective, You Have To Be A Top Level Player To Join, If You Know You Won't Make It, Don't Try Out, It Is A Waste Of Our Time •
New Team, We Did A Coup Of Our Leader And Management So We Had To Restart Our Discord And Social 
Players With Good Placements And Earnings In Cash Cups, Frosty Frenzy, Etc • Sponsored By AKRacing, Rogue Energy, Fatal Grips, GGBracelets, Cinch Gaming, Kinguin, Chairs4Gaming, Manic Mousepads • Players In Dreamhack Finals, FNCS Semi-Finals, High Cash Cup Placements, And High Bragging Rights Placements • Connections With Team Delirium, Team Trii, Overtime Gaming, Chronic, ENDL8SS, D1, Team Assault • We Are Global And Accept Any Region What We Offer: • We Are Not Five Years Old, We Don't Offer A " Nice Friendly Community" • Clan Wars • VFX Editors • Exposure • Sponsorships What We're Looking For: 》VFX And GFX Editors 》Psycho Editors 》Creative Warriors 》Competitive Players 》Content Creators/Streamers 》Nitro Boosters 》Players in Dreamhack Finals And FNCS Semis 》 Nitro Boosters Requirements To Join: 》Participate In Tryout 》13+ Of Age 》Not On Switch 》Show Proof Of Skill 》Give Epic And Make Your Stats Public 》Not A Squeaker