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Team Mythic

Mission Statement

Hey! welcome to Team Mythic! Discord:  This clan is competitive and is owned by 2 nontoxic owners :D Me and DWRECKER. here are our discords. Salarzy.#2368 and DRWRECKER#7323 You have to be Active!!

We are recruiting Content creators, Pro players, and GFX designers.

If you want to join Pro players you either have to be on Xbox or pc. These are the requirements to join.

1. You need 250+ wins
2. A Kd of 2 or more
3. good calling out skills
4. Scrims and pubs experience (u can have either of those) If you have all of these you can try out and please DO NOT LIE ABOUT UR STATS! if your old account got banned we will try you out and see if you're good enough!

Content creators you need.
1. 1k subs
2. 500+ views
3. Good at Edits (like in the vids etc.)

For GFX makers you just have to come to our discord and show us your GFX designs!