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Team Lunactic

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Lunactic! We're a experienced Fortnite clan/team trying to reach for the top. We have multiple NA players is champ league and more. If you're looking for a fun community, but also want to play competitive and get some good games with clan mates? Then Lunactic is the place to go! Our variety of helpful staff and nice members are here to help you out! We do have our requirements, remember that anyone can join, if you're not really in competitive Fortnite and just want to have fun with new friends on the server, that's possible aswell! 

Here are our requirements

-age 13+

-must have a mic

-have to be active

-not toxicity

-have fun

Also if you want to join the clan the link is down here but if you don’t want to join just stay and help us out

We hope you have a nice day and have a great journey on Team Lunactic!