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Team L8

Mission Statement

We are team L8. A fortnite Esports wonna be team trying to grow in popularity whilst treating members with respect and dignity. Ever wanted a clan that will respect your no matter if u are goated or not as good? Join L8 today!

As you can see, the clan is full of memes and joking around. Join Team L8 for a chance to grow on twitch and youtube or have tones of fun while playing casually with our members and competing in tons of tournaments and cash cups. Enjoy!


There is 0 toxic behavior in this clan! Lets keep it that way ;)


We are also doing a LOT of Scrims, fashion shows, zone wars and box fights! They often have a big reward! Just a couple of days a go we had a 200 dollar cash prize on our fashion show!


Join the discord and be a part of something amazing! -




21st Mar 2020 - 2:28am

Hello im MiddlePH i would like to join your default but i think a bit pro im divison 7 im in asia server and pls response im not toxic pls


12th Mar 2020 - 9:12pm

I'd like to join as a content creator. I've been on youtube for a while and I think your team is what I need to boost me to gaining fans. I started making vids legit but wasn't getting any subs and just posted clips and shit. But I know how to edit vids and im good at it. Lemme know if you're interested. I'm 16 but have 50 subs on yt