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Team Karuma

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Karuma's Official Looking for Clan Page

Just wanted to let you all know, we're giving away a 10$ giftcard! More info here:

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Welcome to Team Karuma. We are a fast-growing team trying to build a foundation to become an organization. We are looking for:

  • Players (Really good people to compete in scrims/ tournaments & to represent us)
  • Content Creators (At least 100 Subs/followers on Twitch / YouTube)
  • Editors (Edit amazing montages and YouTube/ Instagram & Twitter videos)
  • Designers (Can design good thumbnails & for example design a giveaway announcement.)
  • Managers (Experience in managing team and a lot of free time)
  • Any other talent or skill you can bring us!

Why join: This is a growing family that is headed towards becoming an Esports organization! We offer a lot of great things for you to enjoy. We offer other great people to make content with and help grow your community out even further. A great opportunity to grow your work out with Editors and Designers! We're not just a team, we're a family.

If you're interested in joining our team, or just chill out, you can click on the discord link and be instantly put in our server.

Once you've joined the server, head over to #how to join to see the requirements for each position

We upload weekly!







Website :

Business Email: [email protected]

Creator Code: KarumaGG #ad


Please upvote our LFC Page (Looking for clans). Also if you would like to please Sub/Follow our channel/pages. Leave a like and comment and even retweet our posts on twitter. Everything helps :) We ask you to join the discord as that is where all our communication is! If you have any questions join the discord and our professional staff will get back to you!

Thanks for reading!