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Team Inquis

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Inquis,

Team Inquis is an new clan trying to recruit players of any platform. Inquis is a Asia Clan with friendly staff members and different roles and ranks in our Discord.We would appreciate it if you could be an active member of the Discord server

We are recruiting Fortnite Gamers who are willing to help us grow.

See further informations and rules in our Discord :

When you join the discord there will be a category call tryout, then in the category there will be a channel called ask for tryout. Once you see it, just type can i tryout and one of our staff will come try you out. If no one replies you can dm them. At the end of the tryout you will be assigned one of 5 ranks:






If you get Master you will have the chance to tryout for pro. But for the Esport team you either have to do a montage or you will be personally chosen by the owners.

• Don't spam/chat flood within any chatroom and/or voice chat.
• Don't self-promote in any other channel except the "Self-Promotion" chat.
• Don't attempt to evade sanctions if you do break any of these rules.
• Don't have your nickname/name impersonate/possess any inappropriate phrases.
• Don't act immature/rude to anyone, including staff.
• Don't discriminate.


We also have graphic designers who can make you a logo at a certain level.

We hope you enjoyed our bio and consider joining us.


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