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Team Illusion

Mission Statement

Are you looking for a brand new Rainbow Six Siege eSports team? Do you enjoy playing scrims? Well then, you've come to the right place. Team Illusion is a extremely friendly and welcoming team who has a passion for gaming. We are always striving to better ourselves 100% of the time. We have a few rules that we ask you follow. We ask that you be mature while in chat. We don't mind a joke from time to time but please try to take the games serious. This rule applies to all chats, so no nsfw content in sfw chats. We also ask you to not scream down your mic. It's not a pleasant experience for anybody. So don't do it. You must be 13 to 15 to join the junior team. You must have decent skill at the game; you need decent game sense, reaction time and good aim. You also need to know the callouts. It's not a lot of rules but all we ask is that you try your hardest to follow them. We also have a coach and we participate in scrims very often. Does this sound like the team for you? Then come and join!

Here are some team requirements:
1. Be respectful to your teammates and enemies.
2. Don't always blame your death on your teammates, always take some responsibility.
3. Don't scream over your mic. Be mature show that youngsters can be mature!
4. You must be 13 to 15 years old to be apart of this team.~
5. Give often calls, try to be specific. Inform your teammates of what your doing, and of course give locations of your opponents.
6. Listen to your IGL/Coach. They usually know better than you. Understand your not always right. Be ready to get criticized.
7. Be active.

Thank You.