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Team GTX

Mission Statement

Team GTX is looking for competitive  and Professional players. Founded February 25 2020 by GTX Ruin and GTX Dantrons . We look for mainly players that are serious about the gaming . For our pro team the age limit is 13+ but is your really good at a younger age we will accept you. We are and growing team with 500 members and get 30 to 40 members a day. Competitive has about 15 members and that number grows. Pro Team is very hard to get In the members cap is 10 and we are at 7.The leaders are always focus on the members. If you join the team you will have the chance to do tournaments (Box fight) (Zone wars) (Custom Scrims) . To help members play with more people and raise their skill level. We are not Just a team more like a family. If you would like to be apart of the family join




8th Aug 2020 - 7:55pm

I have a 2.5 K/D and 45 wins on Warzone while playing with Friends who aren't that good, but hey, they're my friends so its okay :).

My K/D on Multiplayer is 1.7.

I've been playing COD for 8+ years (currently 20 years old). I have 1 thousand hours on CS:GO and tried to go Pro when I was 16 but fell short due to me and my teams abilities. However, due to that experience I have amazing game sense and strats. I am usually at the top of the Lobby when I play multiplayer and I usually have the most kills in my squad on Warzone.

I'm trying to join teams, but the players don't show too much potential and have bad game sense. I want a team that can still win a round of S&D after I die. I want to join a competent team!

Here are some clips:

I hope that I can be an asset to your team and make it better! Hit me up :)


22nd May 2020 - 6:44pm

I'm very competitive, currently the co-leader of a multi sponsored clan, but our members arent too serious about it so im branching out. I would like to try out or join please reach out to me


30th Apr 2020 - 11:51pm

Hey I’m really interested in Joining. I’m a pretty decent ps4 player. Can you add me on the server. Dc is Joestealth10#7296


27th Apr 2020 - 1:22am

My name is Tyler i would like to join your clan your discord link is not working my discord is DarkCW#1921 I play call of duty warzone.


26th Apr 2020 - 2:15am

I would like to join the clan i am 14 i play fortnite alot and i am a pretty decent player im in division 5 in arena aswell 


also the discord link isnt working for me so my discord is vToxyy#7006


22nd Apr 2020 - 1:08am


Hey, Im shady. I am a fortnite player and I would like to see If i can possibly join comp or even pro teams my discord is Shady#5422 I also have some q's but ask me on discord Thx




13th Apr 2020 - 11:10pm

My name I sent Zach Connors I’m 16 about to turn 17. I have always loved video games been playing since the age of 4, (Call of duty) specifically. I have always been better than people. I have had many people tell me I need to use my skill, like finding clan


11th Apr 2020 - 1:14am

hey guys i was wondering what i gotta do to join yall cause im already sponsored by 2 different things and just looking for a team to be apart of

im in division 5 for arena so i can do most of the cash cups 

im a semi good player 

i play ps4 

im 19 

i have a mic

i also stream 

so if you consider me a good player add my epic: RagingBenji


27th Mar 2020 - 4:46am

is fortnite your main basis or is your cod community looking to go just as big as well ?


Rusher .

10th Mar 2020 - 2:14am

Hello i would like to join your clan i am a xbox fortnite player with over 150 wins and i am currently in champion division in arena. Looking for a duo partner for FNCS


12th Mar 2020 - 7:40am

Rusher whas up bro, just go ahead and join our discord, we will then give you a trial and if you pass (which considering you are champion league it wont be very hard for you) you will be a member of GTX, and seeing that you said you are interested in the FNCS duos tournament you will most likely be interested in trialing for our competitive team. Hopefully I will see you in our discord 👍


9th Mar 2020 - 6:34am

I am a Decent player for PS4 I don't have much wins 

I would Really like to Join a clan and this clan is awesome

I am also 12 years and my Epic name is MK_FadeZ YT

Email If i can join [email protected]


8th Mar 2020 - 6:16am

Hi I am a ps4 player with over 200 wins and a 1.27 KD looking for a semi competitive clan where I can grow my YouTube and twitch profiles my current name is WCG_Krusher if you would like to check my stats out


4th Mar 2020 - 2:20pm

Can i join your clan? I have good aim and i can do 90's pretty well i also like to build battle and always get mats so if we're in a game and you have mats just ask me (if i join) If you think i qualify send me a friend request and whisper to me this 'Q8fv' Thank you, (Username: Fighterforlif262 'PS4')