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Team Flux

Mission Statement

We Are New Clan And We Play Many Games but We mostly play Fortnite, We Are Growing in many Ways To be One Of the best Gaming Community We Just Made Our Clan Public, So Join To Be One of our first members! We Are Sponsored By Rogue Energy And Fatal Grips.

Btw Looking for Clan Wars

What We Are Looking For:

Competitive Players (We Accept Casual)


People who aren’t Toxic Overall!

Content Creators Or Internet Famous People!

What We Offer!

Free Roles If You Are The First Ten People to Join- (Og Member And Chosen) Roles

Discount Codes 10%!

A Place to chill and to find Teams!

Free Thumbnails and Icons!

Shout-Out On Tiktok Or YT (Tiktok 3000 Followers and YT (70 Subs)