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Team Fermion

Mission Statement


Team Fermion is an esports competitive FPS organization.

Founded on August 22nd, 2020 Team Fermion is looking to connect FPS video game enthusiasts across different platforms and titles.

If you are looking to get better and find a team to play your favorite AAA title, you've come to the right place.

Team Fermion has players for Fortnite, Valorant and Warzone, but is actively expanding into other titles such as Apex Legends, HyperScape, and much much more.

What are you waiting for? Join our discord now:




21st Sep 2020 - 6:12am

hey i am a 13 year old looking for a clan do yall pay ill tell u my details once ik the payment


31st Aug 2020 - 6:40pm

Hi im a xbox gamer and 13. I was wondering if you guys ever have customs and if you ever pay your players or supply them with accesories.