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Team Evolution

Mission Statement

Let's talk Team Evolution. First lets get into some things about the team. Evolution has really, well, evolved. We have had previous names that you might recognize us by such as Team Stray or our other name of Team XII (Team 12), but our current and final team name will be Evolution. We have grown and are currently looking to expand. We have aquired great help over the past few months and are looking for that again. We have previously accomplished gaining over 2k on our Socials and passing 1k views on YT. We are also currently mixing up our leadership by adding two different co founders but are keeping out main founders known as Aspxct and Nixy or better known as Elixr.


Team Evolution competitive players MUST fill out our RC Form located in our discord and must submit an RC video showcasing their skills. Our categories that we will be looking for in your videos are also located in our discord.

If you are looking for competition and are looking to grow but don't play competitively, then you can join our discord and ask for a tryout from a Tryout Manager based on your region. These tryouts will be assed on certain skill sets when you 1v1 our Managers. Managers will then bring you into a public match and asses your skills there and place you into a rank for our team. Thanks and hope to see you in our team.

- Team Evolution