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Team Emulate

Mission Statement

(Team Emulate)
We are a team looking for players!

We have sponsors! 
-{ Rogue Energy }-

We are hiring staff!
And many more!
We have 2 different sides, Pro team and Casual.

We hope you join!
Main Rules:  • Respect all the members in Emulate's discord server. • Sharing a private information (Address, Phone, Private name, Last name, IP Etc...) is absolutely not allowed. • Send the same message indiscriminately to a large number of Internet users - Spamming, is not allowed. • No Sending or mentioning inappropriate content as death, sexual, scary, harassment, pornography, violence, animal cruelty and self-harm. • Avoid being involved in dramas and fights, do not create and start any drama or fights, avoid hurting people in sensitive topics. • No Impersonating to other users. • No racism in any way is not allowed. • No begging for roles. • Cursing, threatening, extorting or harassing other members is prohibited. • Use the correct channels. • Do not spread fake news or fake updates to create dramas. • Trolling is not allowed. • Do not open more than one account, alt accounts are not allowed. • Do not waste staff's time, do not mention them if not needed. • Inappropriate name or profile picture is not allowed. -- Voice Chat Rules:  • No microphone spamming, loud and unwanted noises, "Ear rape". • If someone is harassing/stalks you and you can't handle the situation just speak to the staff team with proofs. • If a member ask you to leave or walk away please do as he says, avoid dramas or fights. -- Link and Advertising Rules:  • Advertising in any way of any kind is not allowed. • No sending Links, 3rd party links, discord servers and advertisements. • No Social media advertisements. -- Breaking any of this rule will get you punished. By joining eXper's discord server, you agree that you read the #rules channel, and you will follow the rules correctly.