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Team Elite

Mission Statement

{ we are Team Elite } Founded 19/09/2020

what we offer: 
A Fortnite : Comp & Creative Team 
A Rainbow six seige and valorant comp team
at 50 members we will host team games 
members to play with 
shoutouts, giveaways, clout on our socials

Socials :
Tik Tok : 90
instgram : 80
youtube : 20

what we are looking for : 
Teams to partner / merge with
Fortnite Comp, Creative, Grinders
Rainbow Comp, Grinders
Valorant Comp, Grinders
GFX, VFX Designers [ not pay ]
Team Editors [ not pay ] 
Admins, managment [not pay }

Dm for link ( rc coming soon )(edited)

Message #promote-us




20th Sep 2020 - 2:25am

hello my name is Shaun I am the C.E.O. of a team called matrix we have over 25 members and a content team for our three main youtube channels as a podcast and a reaction channel and a team gaming channel we would love to have your team to talk and we have a 7 person mangament team from finding games and sponsership and merch join our discord for more info