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Team Eclipse eSports

Mission Statement

Hello, Welcome to Team Eclipse eSports. Team Eclipse is a new and fast-growing eSports Team and Clan. We are currently recruiting players over 14. We are both casual for those who want to participate but not play extremely competitively but are also very competitive for those who want weekly tournaments and scrims. Team Eclipse is made for all players of different skills and experience, casual or competitive.


In Team Eclipse eSports, we try to combine players from different ranges of skill of experience. We have those who are extremely competitive and play our weekly scrims and bi-weekly tournaments, and those who want to make friends, have a chat and play. All players who choose to join must be frequently active and willing to contribute and dedicate to the clan. Once the player joins the clan he must read the rules and contact staff if he does not qualify for any requirements.



  1. All players must have a microphone and be civil in voice channels.
  2. All players must be constantly and frequently active in the community and team.
  3. All players must be at least 14 years of age to join. Exceptions can be made to mature and/or skilled players.


If you chose to join us, please read all rules and make sure you qualify for all requirements. You may then contact staff or fill the tryout form and send a message in the tryout requests channel. To become a member of staff you must be always active, friendly, good and at least Gold ranked.



  1. Diamond
  2. Gold
  3. Casual

If you are Gold+ and skilled you are also eligible to be picked by our scrim captains for our scrim teams. All players can participate in weekly local tournaments.


Thank you for reading this and we hope to welcome you soon.


Eclipse Bean

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