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Team Divergent

Mission Statement

  • Who are we?
    We are Divergent! A multi-platform content and comepetitive gaming team. We currently have a high level rocket league team and valorant team. We have 700+ members in our discord server and alot of connections in the rocket league community, we also host cash prize tournaments! We are currently growing over 150 members weekly on our discord server aswell as having a full roster within the most focoused game, Rocket league. So far we have created a kind and caring community aswell as having over 20 people in vcs and text channels daily. We expect to reach over 10,000 members within the next 1-2 years of further development and develop strong partnerships with big brands to get our name out there!



  • What can DVG do for you?
    Team Divergent can help small streamers/youtubers get their names out there aswell as picking them up and signing you for the team therefore giving you publicity to over 700 people! We also provide spots in money tournaments which can gather attention on people in the competitive seens of games! We also offer VFX/GFX work such as montages and for them to even be signed for DVG!



  • Where can I join? 

    We have a discord that anyone is welcome to join our very active discord server here:




Clan Upvotes

Games Played



1st Aug 2022 - 3:20am

10/10 the community are amazing and you can have fun. They are really chill and respectful.