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Team Dismiss

Mission Statement


Team Dismiss

Welcome to Team Dismiss! An upcoming team aiming high.

Welcome to Team Dismiss. If you are willing to play games like Fortnite and rocket league casulay or competitively were the place for you!
We have a active and friendly community who love playing events and clan wars as a team!

We have a academy and comp team for these games:
- Rocket League
- Fortnite
(valorant soon)

How to join!:


How to join


For our Fortnite team has some requirements for our team. We have 2 team for Fortnite, academy and comp.

- You must has good mechanics and game sens.
- You must be in champion division in arena. 
- A power ranking of at least 100 for academy and for comp 500. (PR is not essential right now)
-Must be able to submit a RC 


Rocket League

For our rocket league team you must meet our requirements, as stated below. We have 2 team for Rocket League, academy and comp.

-Your must be at least Diamond 1 for academy and Champ 1 or above for comp. 
-Your must have good in game mechanics like flicks and wall play or even air dribbling.
- You must be able to submit a RC 



To apply for GFX you need to be skilled at your job and meet these basic requirements

-Good designs 
- Uses photoshop
-Paid or free
-Must submit a GFX submission in #│gfx-submission 



To apply for VFX you need to be skilled at your job and meet these basic requirements

-Good and clean edits
-Knows how to do cinematics 
- Appealing and good looking edits
-Must submit a VFX submission in #│vfx-submission 

Anyone found out stealing work from other people to get into GFX or VFX will be banned



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