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Team Darkened Is Recruiting

Mission Statement

Team Darkened Is Looking For Competitive, Casual,Creative and Professional Players.We also look for vfx artists and editors to help us out with youtube.Founded late 2019 by Darkened Elite.We look for people who are serious about gaming and want to grow as pro Fortnite players. Our age limit is you have to be age 10 and up but if you’re really good we will still accept you.Over 1000 followers combined.This is an esports team as well.What you will get out of Team Darkened: •We’re not toxic •We have cracked players •Over 1000 followers combined  •We accept any region •You’ll find new friends •You will become popular •The leader shoutouts his server every video •You will be an og when this server becomes popular •You will become better Join Us And Our Discord Server To Get More Info