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Team Cerberus

Mission Statement


Welcome to the Team Cerberus community!


         We are Team Cerberus, Recently we have hit  600 members, and we are quickly on our way to growing bigger as a community. We need YOU! The players to help us with with that! please join and help us become a more active community! We are currently supporting the following games.

  • Apex legends
  • Call of duty
  • CS-GO
  • Elder scrolls online
  • League of legends
  • Rocket league
  • Rainbow six siege 
  • Valorant

We are an active community and need more invested community members to help a build a better place for you the gamer. Come chat with us and hang out and find your new gaming family with us!

E-sports applications are now out! join our discord for more info!


What to expect

  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Monthly Community nights
  • Active and Friendly Staff

Cross play enabled!!!

We are accepting members from other platforms!!! While we are primarily a PC community, console members are welcome to join us for any cross-platform titles.


  • Follow Discord guidelines and Terms of Service
  • Must be 13+ to join
  • Play on PC, cross platform games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League etc.

How to Join

Enter the discord via the Discord button at the top Left of this page. Once in the Team Cerberus community Discord, you will land within the #welcome channel. Once there read the instructions within the channel and react to the message to gain access to the rest of the community!!




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Games Played


Team Cerberus

8th Apr 2021 - 1:26am

For any issues upon joining the discord, Please send a message to the modmail bot at the top of the member list on the right-hand side. Staff will address it promptly. We look forward to seeing you all! 


15th Mar 2021 - 9:29am

I am looking for a clan to join and i am on eu servers. I want to join for cs go i am usally gold 3 but i have ranked down to gold nova 2 and i also want to join for rocket league i am plat in comp rl. Add me on discord GLEJ#1593 if i dont answer here just add me on discord


28th Feb 2021 - 7:55am

Hey my name is SunlitMirror and I am looking to join a clan to valorant with some people. I am 22 years old and I play almost every day trying to improve and get better strategies! Thank you for your time. 


31st Jan 2021 - 1:25am

I reckon this here is where my application goes! Anubis IRL name is Phillip, age 32, looking to get into more competitive games on Apex Legends, also play alot of RPG's such as wow and such! I have a friend who is my FPS partner whom we have been trying to improve our games considerably on Apex Legends, he would also be coming with me! 

My stats on apex are not great by any means, but we just started playing hardcore toward the end of season 7 and are trying to branch out find more people to both get some mentorship from and also to have enough people to fill out the next ranked season with! I have joined the cerberus discord so you can reach me there or through here! Discord name is the same as here! 


13th Jan 2021 - 7:18am

yo man my name jxcobbyy but everybody calls me jay. i’m 16 years old and i jus want a clan to play rocket league and cod cold war with. that’s it i wanna get straight to da point!


13th Jan 2021 - 7:40am

sorry i jus wanted to say my account was messing up real bad with da password but this is my account and it’s up and running good so yea :) but anyways i would like to join this clan, with me and my friend but he doesn’t wanna make an account so i wanna do it for both of us!


26th Dec 2020 - 8:34am

Hello my name is SzilY.Im 17 years old.I living Romania.I playing CSGO my favourite videogame.My all csgo carier 1000+ hours.I playing faceit mm and casual csgo mm.My dream is playing for proffesional csgo team!