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Team Cerberus

Mission Statement


Welcome to the Team Cerberus community!


    TC is an online community of Mature-ish gamers that like to not only play video games but chat about video games and other things like movies, tv and whatever else. With our active Discord Chat & Website, You'll have many ways in which You can connect with like minded Gamers. We love to win, but we like to rip on each other more. We are a 16 and over video game community on PC. So bring your thick skin, and grab your mouse & Keeb as you and your fellow TC members rip into each other , and rip into the enemy teams even harder. It's all in good spirit so enjoy yourself! Team Cerberus is not a basic LFG site. Our goal in Team Cerberus is to build and grow our community. We are looking for members who want to hang out, make some friends and play video games!


    What to expect

    • Monthly Giveaways
    • Monthly Community nights
    • Active and Friendly Staff

    Cross play enabled!!!

    We are accepting members from other platforms!!! While we are primarily a PC community, console members are welcome to join us for any cross-platform titles.


    • Follow Discord guidelines and Terms of Service
    • Must be 16+ to join
    • Play on PC, play cross platform games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League etc.

    How to Join

    Enter the discord via the Discord button at the top Left of this page. Once in the Team Cerberus community Discord, you will land within the #welcome channel. Once there read the instructions within the channel and react to the message to gain access to the rest of the community!!!


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