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Team Athena

Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Athena's Official Looking for Clan Page


We are currently looking for Staff, Management, Roster Players, Academy Players, GFX/VFX Designers, and Content Creators. If you upvote this and send proof in our discord server, you get a special prize.

-StreetCard {Owner}


Yo Dudes!

Elude Thanos here to talk about Elude for you guys!

If you want to join a cool, fast-growing (1000 members in 4 weeks), toxic-free Fortnite Team, just hop onto our discord and grind for the team. We support all platforms and host server tournaments with cash prizes and competitions like zone wars, clan wars, 4v4's e.t.c. I hope you guys have fun on the server!



(Fortnite) If you're interested in joining our clan, or just chill out, you can click on the discord link and be instantly put in our server.

We recruit people by your rcs and by your placements and earnings. Join the server to get tried out!
If you want to have a chance at getting into our team you can do either of these and use the tag #AthenaOnTop. That way we will notify you!

{ This means if you don't have any placements in official fortnite tournaments or any earnings you can still get in the team using clips or to get tried out. If you think your not fit as a player you can also join as these categories:

Staff, Content Creator, GFX Designer. We are currently looking for everything mentioned so if your one of these join the discord right now!}





We are sponsored by Rogue Energy and Fatal Grips!






Business Email: [email protected]


Please upvote our LFC Page (Looking for clans). Also if you would like to please Sub/Follow our channel/pages. Leave a like and comment and even retweet our posts on twitter. Everything helps :) We ask you to join the discord as that is where all our communication is! If you have any questions join the discord and our professional staff will get back to you!


Our videos (Goated People)