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Team Air

Mission Statement

Meet Air, a Fortnite team.

We are Team Air, an active Fortnite team looking for players. But, why would you join us? The members who are in it so far, have known each other for a pretty long time. We have lots of fun and think we have a big chance to become a popular team. Another benefit is that you can get special jobs. We are looking for tryout helpers, so if you join our team you could become one. When you would like to join us, you must be tryouted, tryout helpers do that. You go into creative and 1v1 him, after that you hop into a duo match. In that duo match, the tryout helper will suicide and spectate you to watch your skills in a public match. 
Once that is done, you can join a rank. We have 3 ranks sorted from worst to best:

Team Air

If you're in the Elite Team, you can join our eSports team: Team Air.

Credits to @Which Is Cracked YT#4585  for making the message for us and also credits to @jolly james🥰(10 days till b-day)#3385 for being amazing staff. #AirUp**




26th Mar 2020 - 4:56pm

Hey! Im interested in joining this clan. Can i have a new discord invite link? The one you posted is expired.