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Super Seppuku Brothers

Mission Statement

Super Seppuku Brothers is a small clan founded by 2 Twitch streamers. We're looking for active players to tackle all content from leveling to raids. We play almost every day (on PC) from around 5PM until 12AM ET, and sometimes longer on Friday/Saturday. We do multiple raids per week, and dip into Trials every now and then. We'll help those who are willing to help others!

[NA Server]

What you get:
• That sweet, sweet clan XP
• Access to consistent, competent, and helpful players
• Access to Discord
• Hang out with the funniest people* you'll ever meet
*Based on anecdotal evidence
• Featured on 2 small Twitch channels
• Be part of a growing community

What you need:
• Microphone and Discord. This is the primary way be communicate.
• Dedication (we're mainlining Destiny 2 for at least the next year, and we'd like to find people who plan on sticking around for a bit)
• Knowledge of the English language (we speak English, so if you don't, communication is going to be tough)


• Please be willing to either change your Discord name, or add your Battlenet name in parentheses in Discord.

• We want to remain an active clan, so we will remove clan members after a period of inactivity or lack of communication.

How to apply:
1) Use the link above to join our Discord server.
2) Introduce yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" text channel, or DM Seeker127.
3) We'll ask some vague and unintrusive questions just to get to know you. If we think you're a good fit, you're in! We're not some kind of exclusive, elitist group of people, but we also want to know the people we'll be playing with!

Join Super Seppuku Brothers, and bring great honor to your family!