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Subversive Gaming Network

Mission Statement

Subversive Gaming Network is an adult (18+) only gaming community. Please don't attempt to join if you are under 18.

We are looking for other  clans and communities, big or small to partner with us, to join our network of other clans. For more information email ​​[email protected] or join the discord, DM DrCyn.

Part of the network (excl. SGN Core):

  • Final Frontier Gaming 
  • Wrath - GTA XBOX

SGN was founded on the belief that gaming communities today have lost sight of what matters, the gamers. We exist only because of the people who utilise us to enjoy their gaming experience. Most gaming communities, clans or guilds today have leadership that care only about getting themselves known, getting themselves in the spotlight or to get more power. SGN does not believe in holding power over its members, we exist to serve you. To provide you with a gaming experience like no other.

Why we are different:
Once a small group pour effort into building a sub-par gaming community, there's a sense of elitism where they will mostly only play with those wearing their tag. Subversive Gaming Network doesn't believe that we are above or beneath other communities. We are of a belief that communities with similar mission statements or views should work together to offer their members a gaming experience unrivalled by any single community. SGN is a network of communities, guilds, clans etc. For example; if you have a crew on GTAV that is primarily only playing that game, but the crew has members that like to play other games, they become torn between loyalty to their friends and ending up burning out playing a game too much. If that crew is part of the SGN, then it's members are able to play games with other gamers across the network and maintain their membership with their respective crews/clans/communities. Communities can thrive on the games their prominent on whilst not having to worry about losing members because of lack of support on the more niche games.

Ranking Structure:
When deciding on the ranking structure for SGN, DrCyn went with a cut back version of the FBI Hierarchy. He'd used many structures in the past; US Marine Corps, Motorcycle Clubs, Simple Admin & Moderator - this seemed like an interesting one to use. There's a limitation on leadership positions, where most positions are just moderating chats and ensuring members are having a good time and issues are rooted out quickly. Whilst the position at the top is Director of Subversive Gaming Network, the person in that role is not 100% in control of the community or network. Any big direction changes, issuing bans, prized events etc is subject to a vote by The Council. The Councillors are scattered around the ranks, but they still have a say in what happens with SGN. One person calling the shots has failed in every community we've seen, so we called for something different. Nothing happens without a discussion and if required a vote.

How the network works:
Any gamer who has held a senior leadership position in a gaming community knows about the concept of merging, and knows that it often does more harm than good. Especially with senior leaders in the community wanting to merge is asking for leadership positions in the new place. Giving someone unknown a position of authority is a daunting thought, they carry the name of the community and can do untold damage to them. Now, with a network, we remove the need for any community part of our network to merge. Often the reason a leader of a clan approaches a seemingly good clan to merge is because they want somewhere for his/her members when the clan disbands. Instead, we can extend an invitation to the network, where that clan can lean on us whilst they rebuild or figure out their next steps. The main reason for the creation of SGN is to be a network of like-minded gaming communities, clans, crews, guilds etc. that have agreed to co-exist in a mutually beneficial capacity. Each community that partners with SGN will agree to the Codes of Conduct to be followed on network servers and events. A Network is a simpler way to provide a gaming experience, we are here for gamers to post a looking for group and have someone respond, whether from his or her community or one of the others.

Nintendo Switch:

We have some players who do own and play on switch, however we currently only support those who play on one of our other three platforms and Switch.

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14th Jun 2020 - 11:26pm

Hey! I'm ShyGuy4President. So I'm going to be hosting a tournament on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on the DLC maps. I was wondering if anyone from Subversive Gaming Network would be interested in participating. The tournament is also for Charity and it's still in the works so there is no set date yet.