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Strength in Unity

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Strength in Unity

Strength in Numbers

US & EU members

Here’s what you need to know. (TLDR at bottom)

We are a relaxed group of gamers scattered across the globe, meaning you can usually find someone on to team up with any hour of the day. We raid regularly, have a Discord Channel that ALL members take part in, and tend to keep our ranks well maintained.


As part of Strength in Unity we make an effort to help all members complete endgame content not through a carry, but by taking the time to ensure you learn the mechanics so you can go and help someone else. If that means spending a few hours on one encounter to learn the mechanics, so be it. We are founded by two combat vets and the “no man gets left behind” mentality bleeds through here as well.


Now, I can hear what your thinking, “but what if I only have a few hours on a Wednesday to play?” Cool. Play when you can, just be active in the community by saying hi in the discord so we know you haven’t moved on to other things. This is important because we clear out our ranks every two months to make room for new players. if your inactive for the majority of that time we will assume you have found something else to occupy some of your time, and that's fine.


Right now we are an Xbox only Clan covering Destiny as our mainstay, and a smaller Division community as well.


If this sounds like you, become part of our clan, join our HR Discord where you will meet our Admin team, answer a few questions, and gain access to the clan. This process helps us keep our community full of fun friendly people. After that it’s just a whole lot of Pew Pew Pew with friends.

TLDR: SiN is a relaxed, international, LGBTQ friendly, Xbox community, focused on working with one another whenever possible. We are playing Destiny mainly with a small division community. You must join and participate in our Discord and be over 18 (With a few exceptions).

Register at our website by answering a few questions then meet the admins on our discord server. We look forward to having to as part of our community.




14th Oct 2018 - 4:38am

Hey, I was just wandering if you were still recruiting because I've been needing a clan for raids and stuff like that but isn't super strict about you being on however much a week. I'm a decent player who honestly doesn't do much PvP if that's OK. I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but if you do please email ([email protected]) or message NecroKnight9223 on Xbox. P.S. I'm not a sqeaker :)


30th Jun 2018 - 6:05pm

Ive played the original destiny and destiny 2 i have a 345 light level hunter and a 305 titan,i need a new clan so i can run raids and nightfall


16th Dec 2017 - 2:14pm

Looking for a new clan. 

Current clan only has about 4 active players at any given time and makes it difficult to consistently get into end game content. I would be bringing over 2-3 other members with me, the ones that are active and play on a regular basis.

One of those would be my 15 yo daughter and I want to make sure that is not a problem. She is not a squeaker, she is actually quite shy and quiet.

All the players I would be bringing are experienced and have completed Leviathan raid. They are all very chill and relaxed no meltdowns if the fireteam wipes.

GT: Fingerpuppet


28th Sep 2017 - 5:52am

Hello was interested in joining your clan. I've got a 293 titan 295 warlock and 293 hunter. I play most nights and weekends when I'm not working or spending time with my kids. From Nashville, Tn central time zone. My gamer tag is Evil6enius


25th Sep 2017 - 10:03pm

Request sent. Looking for a clan to casually play with when not busy with work or my kids. Got to get that sweet loot! Xbox Gamertag Randomshelf6

Sir Diabl0

25th Sep 2017 - 8:23pm

Looking for a clan. I'm a veteran Destiny 1 who's done everything in it a million times over. I love to chill, help out and be competitive when need be. Love strikes raids PvP trials. I'm currently a hunter lvl 285. Gamer tag is Sir Diabl0.  That's a zero at the end. 



Red R8

19th Sep 2017 - 7:57am

Hey, My friend and I are looking to join a friendly and dedicated clan. Our light levels are at 260.


GTs: Red R8 , Lost Sandal




18th Sep 2017 - 4:23am

Hello, you're one of two clans my two friends and I are looking to join, we just started playing recently and are PL:270+ and wanted to join a clan to get clan benefits, participate in Trials of the Nine, and of course the Leviathan Raid. If possible we all want to get in the same Clan together.

Clay IV

17th Sep 2017 - 11:39pm

Very active d2 player, currently 276 hunter lf people to do raids, nightfall and other act with, msg me when available. Gt: Clay IV


17th Sep 2017 - 10:22pm

Looking for clan:

Currently have 3 characters over 280, 

Looking for a friendly clan, as I have 2 teenage boys that game with me both have characters over 280

Looking for a clan thats enjoys grouping together and clan events




Shaggy Shiggles

17th Sep 2017 - 6:22pm

Hey, I have a lvl 282 Titan and a 270 hunter. They should be 290 later today. I play every day please add me.

Gt: Shaggy Shiggles



17th Sep 2017 - 6:46am
Me and my friends are looking to join a clan we paricipate in clan activities and always do raids together. Gamertags are Brusomaroff, ChamChammm, and xRPGxTigerOscar