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Mission Statement

Hi, we are hateful and unfriendly. We are Steinhart.


We play and plan to play the following games... 

Destiny 2


Division 2

Apex / BRs


We are a mixed bag of people from all over the world, we are semi-casual but we always complete all content. We are students, professionals, and have families. We do have a pretty strong Competitive team as well (although we are generally pretty casual)...

We only expect you to be respectful and active. (That doesn't mean you can't call Luckylepr names)...

We will do everything between story missions and endgame content...

We will be starting regular D2 tournaments/ challenges for gift cards of your choice this season!


Just join the discord and check it out... might be quiet... for now... but it won't get loud without you!

Come play Gambit Prime. :)