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[SSC] SoberStoner Community

Mission Statement

SoberStoner Community is now open for recruitment for Pro and Social Teams and Players alike. The owner of SSC is a ex-pro MLG player. After team disbursement in 2008 due to military service and other personal matters, we are now jumping back into the gaming scene. The prior pro team went under a different name and won several MLG Tournaments. The team that disbursed is still active but is under new ownership, so names will not be revealed; to avoid any controversy. Now reformed as “{SSC} SoberStoner Community”.

SoberStoner Community is not a single Clan or Team. We are a Community of several Teams for several different games. SSC is divided by Clan, Divisions, and Sections.

The idea behind SSC is to provide a family friendly environment for everyone to have fun in Social and Competitive gameplay. If you are interested in competing in eSports Tournaments, we are here to help. Whether you already have a team or are looking for a team, SSC has your back.

We also support Live Streamers and other Content Creators.


If you are just looking for other players to play with for fun; you can find thousands of gamers here willing to join your game.

No matter your skill level or age, everyone just wants to have fun sometimes. So relax and just enjoy the game :)


Already have a team formed? Looking to join a existing team? Want to form a new team? We are here to help.

If you already have a pro team formed, but have difficulty attending eSports events, finding coaches, or lack certain knowledge; we will support you in your endeavors and provide the assistance that you seek.

If you are looking to join a pro team and want to compete in eSports events; we will help get you started in your adventures.

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14th Dec 2018 - 4:47am

sooo Im in the discord and tried to contact a division leader I assume I should wait a bit for the respone


2nd Aug 2018 - 2:52am

hey there im looking for a destiny 2 clan. im a very active hunter with 350lv participating in both competitive pve and pvp.

B-Tag Verderber#2354