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Mission Statement

Heyo! Welcome to the page for Spicyboyes

We're a small, casual gaming clan created after the fallout of the KillSwitch clan. A place to play games with friends without any administrative drama, and focused entirely on the community instead of on monetization like most


As far as games go, we're mostly centered around Destiny 2, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege; if you don't play any of the above don't worry! We don't discriminate based on what you play, and you might be able to find someone to play with 


We're looking for mods and potentially an admin at the moment, in preparation for the scaling that will need to happen if we get an influx of members! If you're in the clan please DM me and I can see if you're a good fit for the position




We've a few features as well! Including:

-self assignable roles!

-A music bot, and mee6!

-channels to post your achievements in various games, as well as a meme channel, and an NSFW channel!


If you're interested in joining us we'd love to have you on board! Please click on the discord link for the fastest way to get into the thick of things



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