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Six Beers Deep

Mission Statement

You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning 



Six Beers Deep is an XBOX clan made for adults, by adults.  Our player base is primarily NA & EU and is composed of competent gamers ranging from causal to hardcore in both PvE and PvP.  We have an active discord and personalized clan ranks tied to accomplishing difficult tasks with other clan members (just in case you already didn't have enough to grind for). We are the best clan on Xbox and close to the largest.


SBD Creed

We don't deal with bullshit. We're all adults (21+) here who like to game and drink.  Don't get it twisted, our raids and crucible games aren't sloppy messes.  Our clan has cleared all Destiny 1 & 2 content the day/week it was released and will continue to do so moving forward into Year 3.

Our growing community will share this vision: A community where like-minded, beer drinking guys and gals can find a fireteam to destroy any PvE content or grind some PvP.


Is this clan for you?

Our gaming community includes:

- 750+ Adult (21+) semi-professional, semi-drunk quality gamers

- Dedicated PvP players with a selection of over 30 players above a 2 kd, 50 members above 1.75, 100 players above a 1.5, 200 players above a 1.25 kd, and 350 above 1.0. We've collectively helped 250+ members obtain Luna's Howl/Recluse/MountainTop/Revoker and 22 members obtain Not Forgotten

- Dedicated PvE players always looking to run raids, nightfalls, strikes, etc. Our clan has over 10000+ combined D2 raid clears and several top 1000 speedrunners

- Weekly tournaments with prizes valuing $100

- Weekly clan challenges with small prizes

- Season long 1v1 challenge ladder with elo

- Seasons 1-7 clan banners unlocked, if you're into that.

- Dedicated discord to find fireteams for any activity, talk about the game, or just shoot the shit talking to new friends.

- Customized clan rank system where you can rise through our ranks by playing with clan members.

- Monthly clan giveaways & raffles

- biweekly podcast



Age: 21+

Must actively use discord

Must meet 3 of the following:

1. 50+ Total Raid Clears

2. 100+ Total Raid Clears

3. Flawless badge on any raid

4. Max LL for the current season

5. 1.3+ overall k/d (Minimum 100 games played)

6. 1.8+ overall k/d (Minimum 100 games played)

7. 1000+ Total Crucible Games Played

8. Possess any 2100 glory crucible pinnacle weapons


If interested, please comment with your favorite drink and head over to our discord: .


Clan 1:

Clan 2:

Clan 3:

Clan 4:

Clan 5:

Clan 6:

Clan 7:

Clan 8:

Clan 9:



6th Aug 2019 - 3:28pm

Joined in the last 6 months. The engagement is amazing and the number of daily active players makes LFG within your clan super easy. It's also really nice to log on tuesday afternoon and have several clan packages waiting. The creator of the clan is also super engaged, organizing clan events, tournaments, and giveaways. JOIN SIX BEERS DEEP!

Pyro Oracle

18th Apr 2019 - 11:04am

Great clan, have been with them for a while now and have loved every minute. Great people, great times, couldn't ask for more. Very active and have always been helpful.


25th Mar 2019 - 5:01pm

Awesome clan. Destiny is a social game, why play alone. Good group of guys. Always something going on and someone to play with. 


25th Mar 2019 - 4:41pm

Completely changed the game for me. You really need to be in a clan to get the full experience from this game, and SBD is the best clan around. Join up!