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The Silver Order

Mission Statement

The Silver Order   [TSO] Or [TSOG]  founded in 2012  - is the second incarnation of our cross gaming community going back to  2004 -  Co-Founded by Lycovan & Keroshu   TSO is a multi game - multi platform gaming community with members from all over the world.  with everything from  MMO, FPS, RTS, and online tabletop games we strive to present a mature and safe community for our members.  Ages 18 +  Drama and Toxic free.  Active Members and Admins, 

Currently looking to bolster our member-base  - in the process of  building a new website, affiliate programs and discounts soon to be available.  Community Store & Apparel line now available!


Some games not listed are:   Rust, Weekly Cards Against Humanity nights, Dungeon's & Dragons (using Roll 20)  Conan Exiles, Many Steam games,  etc.


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