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[SIEGE] Battalion

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Unit Specializes in Armored Assault, Flanking Maneuvers and Artillery Batteries.

Colonial "[SIEGE]" Battalion was formed on war 48 in rebranding of the 1st Army Ranger Corps [1ARC] that started on war 29, ever since then our group improved on its operational capabilities and effectiveness on the fields of battle and at World Conquest #60 we swore our allegiance to Callahan's army.

SIEGE is led with a standard command structure and sortied into both combat and logistics squads that operate independently as subgroups to form the entirety of the group. Fellow Wardens are welcome to participate in the operations that we conduct on daily and weekly basis! Daily in-game attendance or compulsory involvement in operation is not a must for those who think that our group demands heavy game time.

We welcome both new and experienced players, either you are new or aware of how Foxhole's game mechanics work. Join and Be part of the Ex - Armored Blitz Unit of the Colonials Play with us for a few tank ops, from there our Recruitment Officers will vote on your Experience and Eligibility for higher positions

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Warden Loyalists

Time Zone members mostly operate based on Majority of activity = "SEA, EU, NA"

Warden Siege Battalion